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Magda, 17, Poland

fangirl, beatlemaniac, maccaholic, Sherlock victim, rock'n'roll junkie, art culprit

My favourite sport is developing a crush on the least appropriate people (mostly old and ugly).
My least favourite sport is when I feel down for a few days and then it's like 5 months.
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god bless you all

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I really need to kill someone.

Dexter Morgan (via tarrgaryenviserys)

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this is what my life has been reduced to


this is what my life has been reduced to

Dexter 7x12 | LaGuerta and Matthews

Say ‘I really feel like wrapping someone up in plastic and stabbing them, and I can say no Dexter! Don’t!’

Debra Morgan, Season 7, Dexter (via fallforcastiel)

I’ve dreaded this moment my whole life. But I never pictured it like this.

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Can you imagine a country so homophobic that you can’t even have a flower rainbow in public without it being constantly set on fire?




That’s why we can’t have nice things.  

Not the country is homophobic. Just some people cannot understand that this rainbow was not set as pro-gay thing but to commemorate that Poland is part of EU.

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we are not english, we are scouse


Paul McCartney on ‘Aspel And Company’ With Tracy Ullman, 9 June 1984.

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